Kaine Campaign Blasts Allen for “name calling so early in this campaign”


    I just received the following statement from “Kaine Senior Advisor” Mo Elleithee, in response to “attacks by the George Allen campaign.”

    It’s unfortunate that George Allen has resorted to name calling so early in this campaign.  Virginians deserve a Senator who will focus on our nation’s economic challenges and will bring more civility to Washington.

    We agree that Virginians will have a clear choice in this race.  As Governor, Tim Kaine cut $7 billion from the state budget, and Virginia was named the Best Managed State in the Nation, Best State for Business four years in a row, and Best State in Which to Raise a Child — all during the worst recession in decades.  On the other side will be a candidate who supported the policies that led to record unemployment and took America’s largest budget surplus and turned it into America’s largest federal deficit –helping to CREATE the worst recession in decades.  There will be plenty of time in the coming months to have this debate, once we know who our opponent will be.  We look forward to it, and in the meantime, wish all of our potential opponents well.”

    Not to mention the fact that George Allen called an Asian-American man a racial slur, liked hanging out with these lovely folks, etc.


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