Pat Toomey on the Debt Ceiling


    I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Pat Toomey discuss the Debt Ceiling vote with Andrea Mitchell today on MSNbc.  I couldn’t find the video for this, but did find this transcript.  What an arrogant pig he is.

    Well, here’s the real issue. That analogy, of course, totally obscures the fact that both your mortgage and your credit card are debts that you have incurred.

    Both are forms of money that you have of borrowed and that you owe back to lenders.

    And my legislation has said, in the event we don’t raise the debt ceiling upon reaching it, the first priority for the treasury, with the huge resources that are coming in, anyway from tax revenue, would be to pay our lenders.

    So what I am saying is, a better form of the analogy is the family that has been living beyond its means and run up huge debt would have to make some tough decisions, like maybe laying off the nanny, not going on an expensive vacation, discontinuing the gardeners who come and cut their grass. Maybe they would have to make some cuts.

    And that’s what I think we need to do right now, instead of what the administration wants, is to just throw them some more credit cards, and let them continue spending the way they have been.

    Now perhaps I live in a different world in Central Virginia than those who live in Pennsylvania.  But I don’t have a Nanny.  I haven’t been on a vacation in 5 years, and I mow my own damn grass.  Mr. Toomey has no idea how the real world lives and his condescending remarks prove it!


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