Powershift Coverage #FAIL — Letter to the Washington Post Ombudsman


    (Great letter, thanks Jason!  Now, I urge everyone else to write to the Post, local TV stations, etc., and ask them why they’re not covering this major event?!? – promoted by lowkell)

    ATT: Andrew Alexander

    Ombudsman, Washington Post

    Washington, DC

    Dear Mr. Alexander:

    I have to ask, if 10,000 Tea Partiers descended on the Washington Convention Center to be regaled by top administration officials and leading movement personalities, would the Washington Post have covered it?  Of course it would.

    Yet, there has not been ONE SINGLE STORY about the PowerShift conference this weekend at which 10,000 mostly young people came to Washington to rally for climate action and hear speeches by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, former Vice President Al Gore, the controversial Van Jones (remember when the Post couldn’t get enough of the fake controversy about him started by Glenn Beck?), and environmental leaders like Bill McKibben.  http://www.powershift2011.org/

    Thirty young activists even got a private meeting with President Obama on Friday. How many movement events can make that claim?

    And today a few thousand young people rallied in Lafayette Square, at the Chamber of Commerce, and then blocked streets on route to the Capitol to lobby on climate change.  

    Don’t you think some of this deserves a mention?  

    The New York Times finally covered it today.  http://www.nytimes.com/cwire/2…

    Where is the Washington Post?




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