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Risks of Non-Vaccination Hit Home in Southern Virginia


An alternative school an hour southwest of Roanoke has been allowing many of its students to go unvaccinated – allowing a rare disease to make a comeback:

A small, private Floyd County school has closed for the week after more than half its students became ill with whooping cough.

At least 30 people associated with Blue Mountain School have been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease, also called pertussis, including 23 of its 45 students, said Shelly Emmett, the alternative school’s director.

As Seth Mnookin writes, “when parents choose not to vaccinate, they are not making a ‘purely personal’ decision – they are making one that has the potential to affect everyone their children come in contact with.”  

  • blue bronc

    Something about why there are laws, rules and regulations concerning how we live has been lost since saint ronnie declared war on government.  There are reasons for controls, and it is not to “intrude” on anyone’s life, it is to protect lives. With healthy people America is better and smarter.  

    I will be judgmental, they should not be given exemptions for any reason except a medical reason. If they want to claim their religion wants them to be sick and/or carriers of disease let them, but isolated from the general population.

    It has been repeatedly proven that vaccinations are not the cause of autism or other damage. (unless you happen to be the tiniest of tiniest population that is very unlucky – but you are more likely to be damaged or killed by the disease anyway).