Tax Day 2011: Are We Really “Taxed Enough Already?”


    A reality check to the tea partiers on tax day. The short answer to their question? No, no, and no. In fact, it’s the exact opposite, especially if you’re super-wealthy or a corporation, in which case it’s more like “happy days are here again!” than “taxed enough already!” Also, note that we’ve slashed taxes on wealthy people and corporations while the population ages, while health care costs skyrocket, while we fight two wars, while our infrastructure is badly in need of major investments and upgrades, and while the Bush tax cuts cost us $4 TRILLION a decade to continue. In other words, the it’s not a spending problem, at least not with “domestic discretionary” spending; it’s a REVENUE problem, combined with an exploding population of unhealthy, older Americans who demand – and receive – expensive health care. That’s the challenge we need to be dealing with, not the fantasies of people blindly following Koch brothers’ and right-wingnut propaganda.

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