5,000 Young Climate Activists Protest at Chamber of Commerce; Corporate Media Continues to Ignore


    There’s great stuff happening across the Potomac River right now, with with a rally of 5,000 young climate activists culminating the weekend-long “Power Shift 2011, a youth clean energy conference and one of the largest grassroots trainings in history.”

    And, of course, the corporate media is barely covering it. Even more glaring, I just did a Google News search for “tea party rally” and found reams of corporate media coverage of their “tax day” rallies. So, let’s get this straight: 5,000 climate activists taking on the Chamber of Commerce in the nation’s capital gets no “lamestream media” love; a handful of wildly misguided people wearing funny costumes gets tons of it? Again, it must be that darn “liberal media bias” – boy do I hate that! (snark)

    P.S. Another photo’s on the “flip.”

    UPDATE: The New York Times has coverage. I still see nothing on the local “paper of record,” the Kaplan Washington Post, despite their apparent realization of how wrong the Republicans are on climate change.  

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