Tim Kaine Throws Support Behind “Gang of Six” Budget Effort


    Interesting interview of Tim Kaine by NBC12’s Ryan Nobles. Among other things, Kaine says he’s “all in” the race for Senate, that he believes President Obama is doing the right thing in Libya (although he adds, “It’s not up to us to be the police force”), and that he’s supporting the bipartisan “Gang of Six” budget effort in the U.S. Senate.  One more interesting comment: Kaine says that the “macaca” incident is fair game, that voters will judge each of the candidates “on what we’ve done and what we’ve said.”

    • tentwenty

      …is the Clarence Thomas to Mark Warner’s Scalia.

      He’ll pretty much agree with whatever the other’s policies are no matter how destructive they are to the nation.

      The Gang of six budget effort will do no where near the good that the “People’s Budget” would do.  If he or Mark Warner truly gave a darn about deficits and helping those hurt worst in these times they would be throwing their weight behind the “People’s Budget” at the very least they need to be pushing it as their starting point because if the Gang of 6 compromise is all they champion now, we will get nothing remotely close to it once all is said and done.  This is exactly the same as health care reform, when Mark Warner vehemently dismissed single payer, and rejected the public option in lieu of ” insurance exchanges.”  

      I disagree wholeheartedly with Timothy Kaine and Mark Warner on their support of this supposed compromise.  

      It is not the best strategy for either to pursue if they truly wish to promote and enact the platform of the Democratic Party.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      time and money.  

    • listlady

      a long time. Still, a “wait and see” approach to the Gang of Six would have been more welcome. Part of Kaine’s appeal has been that he is not a wealthy businessman and doesn’t think like one. Even a few degrees of populism would serve him well.

    • pontoon

      is so up in arms over this.  Tim Kaine is not a progressive, has never been a progressive, will never be a progressive.  Am not sure that either he or Warner are even Democrats.  If Kaine ever votes any other way than with Mark Warner, I’ll faint.  He is not who Virginia Democrats need or should want in this election.  As I’ve said before, I’m not sure that he’ll win.