Two Recent Events Show the Risks of Fracking


    The ads are everywhere on TV.  A woman in a pantsuit lectures to us about “clean, natural” gas.  A video simulation shows the tentacles of fracking equipment reaching wide horizonally.  And we are urged to go to a website to learn more about how important it is to get this gas.

    The ad never tells viewers the plight of those who sign leases, the falmes coming from their faucets, the fact that they can never drink non-bottled water again.  And that far too many are getting horrible illnesses, including cancer.

    Another ad pitches all the “good” things “natural” gas does for us.  It cooks our dinner, it keeps us “safe.” blah blah blah.  It is propaganda plain and simple.  

    And the pitch also suggests that “natural” gas is our future, when we all know green technologies are, or should be.

    1. Fracking has stopped in Arkansas due to frequent earthquakes which now are beleived to be realted to fracking in the area.…

    2. A fracking explosion in Pennsylvania has spilled dozens of dangerous chemical.


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