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Will The Idiocy Ever End? On the Release of the President’s Long-Form Birth Certificate


You would think that they would have called it a day long ago.  But instead the “birthers’ and their latest political “pimp,” Donald Trump won’t stop.  The so-called MSM, especially cable news has covered this non-story nearly every day for weeks. Many of these same “news” outlets earlier debunked the birther’s absurd false claims. No matter, now every bigoted utterance of “The Donald” is cast as “news.”  CNN birther pimp Ed Henry kept it up at the WH briefing even after CNN’s own Anderson Cooper dispelled the phony claim against the president once and for all. Today, the president caved to “birthers” and released his long-form birth certificate here.  But will it end it?  Of course not.  The side show is by design.  And it is designed to work up those who hate our president.  Last time anyone checked that included over 40% of Republicans.  

The extent of this effort to de-legitimize  our president ironically following the Presidency conveyed to George W. Bush by SCOTUS, despite tens of thousands of voters being wrongly purged by Katherine Harris, is an matter of record.  But, despite that, Democrats worked with former President George W. Bush and gave him most of his agenda, with the major exception of privatizing Social Security.  When the shoe is on the other foot, however, Repthugs stoop to unprecedented (at least in the past fifty years) of obnoxious obstructionism, name-calling, personal attacks on the president and (of course) things like “birtherism” to stir up the racism and xenophobia reflected by far too many Americans.

The Donald probably anticipated the release of the long-form when he began a new tactic.  Now he is going after the President’s admittance to Harvard and Columbia Law School.  And the Trumpet’s racism is patently obvious.  Does anyone really believe that Mr. “You’re Fired” is temperamentally suited to be president?  He gives new meaning to the term “Rethug.” Why are not the Republicans “firing’ him?  It is casting a pall on their entire party that so many rate him favorably.

We have to face reality here.  The “birthers’ will never stop because it is not about any one document or any one thing, but rather a pall over the thinking and the absent good will of a GOP mired in its own hate–hatred of most Americans, hatred of anyone who is different from them, hatred of even the smallest morsel of programs serving the public and the public good–which is what Congress is supposed to be about.  But that’s not not for today’s national, state and even local GOP. More on the nation’s local scene in a future post. Suffice it to say, no town or county government is safe.


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