A Tale of Two Brigades


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    While the Webb Brigades group has been working for real results by volunteering for progressive candidates and tackling issues that affect people in real life, the Tea Party Patriots has just created their own “Brigade.”

    What is the “1st Brigade?”  Nothing but a funding source for the Tea Party Patriots.  Members agree to donate at least $10 on a recurring, monthly basis.  “We need your $10.00 or more pledge to save the nation in its time of peril,” their website states.

    I think it’s an interesting contrast: one Brigade has been working with no budget for years to effect positive change, while another Brigade was created solely for raising money in order to stop change. One Brigade meets in person on a monthly basis; the other Brigade has funds deducted monthly from their bank account like paying the electric bill.  One Brigade brings members and community leaders together; the other Brigade claims that by paying for membership, you will have exclusive access to their leaders.

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