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Bravo! The President’s 60 Minutes Interview


In another blog on the FP here, lowkell shows how President Obama leaves GOP contenders in the dust.  It is not difficult to figure out why. The president has been “presidential” from Day 1.  Each and every day, he essentially shows Republicans how it is done. The past ten days or so have all but been a class in how to lead. (The current GOP crop is unlikely to learn anything.)  Let’s look briefly at two events: The President’s brief speech to Americans Sunday night a week ago and his 60 Minutes interview.  

In the culmination of an effort he authorized, President Obama told the nation last week that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  After the Bush administration allowed OBL to escape into Pakistan in a caravan involving scores of vehicles clearly visible to US intel, President Obama brought to a close the search for those who planned and directed 9-11.  In less than 2.5 years he did what Bush could not do in more than 7 years.  

The contrast between our current president and his predecessor was almost palpable last Sunday, May 1.  This president did not land ceremoniously on an aircraft carrier with “Mission Accomplished” behind him. No cowboy-ing. No costume.  No grand show.  Instead, he addressed Americans late in the  evening, solemnly and briefly. In the days afterward, he invited George W. Bush to go with him to ground zero, a bipartisan invitation the latter declined. But George W. Bush, self-serving as always, will go to ground zero himself on the upcoming Sept 11.

But the real contrast is in the leadership of our current president v. the one who said he didn’t really think that much about Osama Bin laden.  This followed the buildup to, and waging of, two  wars and the ongoing hysterics to gain American acceptance of invasions of countries which did not harm us and the undoing of our Constitutional liberties.

And then there was last night.  President Barack Obama gave an outstanding 60 Minutes interview indicative of his leadership, decision making, cognitive ability, group problem-solving, and his analysis of complex situations. Indeed, he showed many of the skills illustrated by John F. Kennedy, who knew how to get beyond groupthink, who learned from his and others’ mistakes, and who could put our national interests ahead of his own. If you haven’t seen this interview, you will want to.  It shows better than nearly anything in the past two-plus years why so many of us elected this man, and not the impulsive and explosive John McCain (or his imbecilic, proposed heart-beat-away VP nominee).  Watch this video and see how presidential he is.  


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