Democrat Pamela Danner Kicks Off Campaign to Replace Right Winger Barbara Comstock


    The following writeup is from the Pamela Danner for House of Delegates campaign, which held its kickoff last night at Kazan Restaurant in McLean. I strongly support Danner against the abysmal, far-right-wing, Del. Barbara Comstock (R-34th). For more on Comstock, click here (“GOP Attack Dog Launches New Career — Running For Office”), here (“Conservative “Stars” Come Out For Comstock”), here (“In his memoir, ‘Blinded by the Right,’ Brock described Comstock as almost unhinged in her passion to bring down the Clintons.”). ‘Nuff said. Now, on to Pamela Danner, who will make a superb delegate when she defeats Comstock this November. Go Pamela!

    Last night Pamela Danner, a community leader and successful attorney in McLean, announced her campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates to a crowd pushing 100.  Dranesville Supervisor John Foust, State Senator Janet Howell, School Board Member Janie Strauss, and numerous citizens active in the local community attended in support of Danner’s campaign.

    In introducing Pamela, Senator Howell made sure to let those in attendance know of Barbara Comstock’s record in the House of Delegates.

    “Every year we have to stop wrong-headed measures coming over from the House of Delegates.  And I just want to tell you about these wrong-headed measures that we have defeated in the last year.   The House voted to prohibit stem cell research, Barbara Comstock voted for that. The House sent over more than half a dozen anti-reproductive rights and anti-women’s health bills.  Barbara Comstock voted for every single one of them.


    The House sent over a bill to exempt all Virginia-made products from federal regulations, including product-safety regulations.  Barbara Comstock voted for that too. They sent over a repeal amendment, also called the nullification amendment, which says that two-thirds of states can declare we’re not going to follow federal law or federal regulations.  I thought we had a civil war that in turn decided that, but apparently not, Barbara Comstock voted for it. The House passed bills undermining the separation of church and state and she voted for those too.  And just to cap it off she voted to defund Big Bird and Clifford.

    Howell continued, “Fortunately we have a dynamic, independent-thinking, experienced leader who will fight for Northern Virginia.  This leader has proven her dedication to this community for 30 years.  She is President of the McLean Community Foundation, Past President of the Rotary, Treasurer of the McLean Community Center, she served on the Fairfax County Water Board, she has served on the board of the McLean Chamber of Commerce, she is active in her church, she was a PTA leader and served on the Superintendant’s advisory committee, and she knows land use because she chaired the Dranesville Area Plan Review Task Force.  I could go on and on, but Pamela is there anything you haven’t done?”  To which Danner interjected “State Delegate.”

    Supervisor John Foust continued to sing Pamela’s praises as a community leader. “I knew from the day I met her [Pamela] that she would be a great representative for this community.  Janet pointed out that you cannot find anything good that does not have Pamela Danner’s fingerprints all over it.  So I’m thrilled that we’re here today to celebrate the beginning of a successful political campaign and I do want to say that one of the first things I did when I was elected to the board of Supervisors – the board of supervisors have a very special privilege to appoint a Lord and Lady Fairfax from each magisterial districts… and I want to tell you the first appointment I had for Lady Fairfax was Pamela Danner.  No one deserved it more and it gave me so much pleasure to recognize everything you’ve done for the community by making that appointment.  So Janet has told you about her contributions and her service and I will simply say they are unrivaled.  There is no one in McLean who has the record of community service that can compete with Pamela Danner.”

    Pamela Danner then announced her campaign to put Northern Virginia First. Pamela plans on taking her three decades of experience to Richmond to work for the people of the 34th District and to focus on the issues that matter to us all – education, transportation, jobs and the environment, not issues that divide the community.  Pamela emphasized that a vote for her is a vote for Northern Virginia – for our jobs, our schools, our roads and our environment.  In her concluding remarks, Pamela noted that she has “no other ambition than to be your delegate.”

    You can learn more about the campaign at or through Facebook (Pamela Danner for Delegate) and Twitter (@PamelaDanner).