I Almost Feel Sorry for Mitt Romney


    I almost feel sorry for Mitt Romney. Except I really don’t. I mean, have you ever seen a more fundamentally dishonest, flip-flopping, no-principled, smarmy politician than Romney? When even the extremely-low-standard hacks at Faux “News” and the Wall Street Journal say he’s unacceptable as a potential president, you know he must be really bad. Although actually, I think Romneycare is excellent, just wish we had it here in Virginia (McDonnellCare or CuccCare anyone? lol)! 🙂

    UPDATE: Jonathan Chait comments on “The Al Gore Problem,” which Dana Milbank describes as follows. “Romney has what might be called an Al Gore problem: Even if he’s being genuine, he seems ersatz.” But it’s actually far, far worse than that, according to Chait, and I agree…

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