Northern Virginia Must Seize This Opportunity


    (I agree with Libby Garvey, Jim Moran and Bob McDonnell that this facility should NOT – repeat, NOT! – be opened until the transportation elements are ready.  Right now, they most certainly aren’t (to put it mildly). – promoted by lowkell)

    ALEXANDRIA – Libby Garvey today again joined with Congressman Jim Moran and now Governor Bob McDonnell to urge Defense Secretary Robert Gates to delay the opening of the BRAC-133 facility at the Mark Center.  The FY’12 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) approved early Thursday by the House Armed Services Committee includes a provision granting the Secretary of Defense authority to delay seven BRAC recommendations for up to one year beyond the September 15, 2011 deadline.

    “While BRAC may always loom as a potential traffic nightmare, it’s important we seize this opportunity to delay BRAC’s opening in order to give time to get systems into place to reasonably handle the huge influx of traffic to this site,” Garvey said.  “The Inspector General’s report proves that there were fundamental flaws with the Army’s transportation study and we should take this opportunity to mitigate the damage that will be done by this improperly placed facility.”

    A recent report by the Inspector General found serious safety, transportation, and environmental concerns may have been discounted and disregarded as this project was developed, approved and constructed.  If so, it means that opening this facility will also open the door to continued expenditures of millions of dollars to cope with these concerns.

    “We must do everything we can to ameliorate the impact of this facility,” Garvey said.  “Protecting and improving our transportation system in Northern Virginia is vital to the economic health of our region and all of Virginia.  It is time that we brought this project to a halt until safety, transportation, and environmental concerns are adequately addressed.”

    Governor McDonnell became the latest official to call for the delay of the BRAC facilities on Wednesday.  “This is an issue that crosses the partisan divide,” Garvey said.  “It’s important that we all pull together to mend this situation.  I commend Rep. Jim Moran’s tireless efforts and thank Gov. McDonnell for his support.  The people of the 30th District and Northern Virginia deserve no less.”


    Contact: Max Glass

    Campaign Manager

    May 10, 2011

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