The anger and sense of betrayal is palpable.  Yet the millions of discontented in the US cannot seem to summon up the energy of the “Indignados” of Spain.   If they (we) did, things would change.  We like to fashion ourselves as teachers of democratic processes.  We have something to learn from the Spanish.  As each job is sold overseas, as each person over 50 (and even 40 in some contexts) is rendered expendable to the job market by those who would keep wages artificially low, there is more and more reason to become America’s indignados.  But it isn’t happening.

    With nearly everything under assault and too many “progressive” representatives “making out” with the wrong-wingers like Saxby Chambliss, or a former Democratic president of the US appearing at Peter Peterson’s (Koch brothers) summit,  the only “solution” pitched to us is capitulation to the wrong-wing’s draconian dark side.  It is no solution at all.  

    In the absence of a coherent and loyal (to its countrymen and women rather than corporations) delegation, we are fragmented into issues-based politics.  And that is precisely what brought us here in the first place. Fragmentation.  But I would argue the way to pull us together is not to trounce the people pointing out where we have gone wrong.  It is in pointing out where the problem resides that will lead us to the healing path, to setting a stronger course.  Continuing down the so-called “New Democrat” path will not.  That is because Blue Dogs ARE the problem.

    But instead of holding the Blue Dogs accountable, some set their sites upon their more progressive and more liberal counterparts who are always, always asked to give up things near and dear. The Blue Dogs try to sledge-hammer us into becoming people who will settle for the Saxby Chambliss view of the world, as if that were the only course.  (And they do the Koch Brother bidding via entities related to the oxymoronic Americans for Prosperity.  They mean only theirs.)  

    Democrats should know better than to send corporatists to Washington to represent them.  But we keep sending the Glenn Nye’s the Mark Warner’s, and (yes) the Jerry Connelly’s.  What do we expect when we send a former corporate VP to Washington?  Here i just some of the smack he delivered to–not Republicans–but his own base:

    [INSERT QUOTE from letter]

    Outside the progressive caucus WHERE are the Democratic supporters of the People’s Budget (link).  Where?  Every one who does not support this should be primaried.  As the now nearly iconic chart shows, much of the deficit is accounted by tax cuts we could not afford and two (and now three) wars conducted off the books  by the recent Bush administration, until President Obama forced honest accounting of such.  The visual is clear.  They do this.  They do this by taking our money disproportionately and cutting taxes on those who need no tax cuts.  There is a name for that and it is theft.    Borrowing from the Social Security Trust fund (or anyone else) with no intention to repay is theft.  The thieves want everyone but themselves held accountable .  

    My line in the sand has been breached so many times I have lost count, so many times I do not like to even draw them anymore.  I have been disappointed that often.  So have most of you.  And so, what gives?  Even as we pledge never, never to vote Republican, we get the sanctimony of a Mariana76 always digging and chiding the “base.”  In Daily Howler fashion, she turns phrase after phrase against fellow Democrats and liberals who ask only that our “leaders” remember the people, whom they serve, not the fictitious entities who have bought them.  She is far from alone.  Pundits and bloggers have fanned out in ways they must have learned from the GOP to silence their own side…becuse they do not like any variation under the supposedly big tent.  I mean no disrespect to Marianna76.  But her harping on dissenters in our party is, in my opinion, a bit much. (This will kill what is left of “democracy,” btw, but that is another blog on another day.)  I will draw whatever lines in the sand I wish or do not wish.  They are mine to decide.

    Whether I hate lines in the sand or not, here’s mine:  

    –Cut Medicare and you will loose.  

    –Cut Social Security and you will lose.  (Cut either of them and you are hateful ageists.  And that is a fact. )  

    –Cut Medicaid and you have no soul AND you will lose.  

    –Cut any one of them and I will vote for,but no support you.  Period.  No money.  No volunteerism, nothing.  Not even letters to the editor.  Nada.

    –Undermine health care for all (at a fair price) and you will lose.

    Here is the rest of my line in the sand.  

    –The same applies to anyone gutting eduction a la Gates, Broad, and the meat-cleavers trying to kill public education.  Yes that includes our president whom I love, and will vote for, but will not donate to or work for if my liens are breached.

    –Fail to bring the troops home from Afghanistan (and Iraq, remember Iraq?) and I will not support you or anyone who votes the other way on bringing them home.

    –Fail to support human rights at home and you will loose.

    –Fail to restore the faith in our economy through sensible, but effective  regulation and you will loose. Fundamentally, Americans have a right to a job, health care and an economy that is trustworthy.  

    –Fail to grow jobs and you will loose.

    I am indignant!  I am an American who agrees with the more than 70% who want our leaders hands off Medicare, Medicaid, and Social security. We want them to actually, not in pretense, protect those things the majority holds dear. And it is time our leaders get it.  If they do not, then let the chips fall where they may.  And issue politics, however fragmented, will be the way of the future.  It is far from the most economic approach to our use of time.  But it will have to do.  They caused it.  Let the insiders, pundits and bloggers trying to silence us understand the damage they do.  If they support Blue Dogs in their decimation of the real American Dream, they are complicit as well.


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