Jon Stewart Takes on Bill O’LIElly: Guess Who Wins?


    hint: it’s not the Faux guy; h/t: The Nation

    P.S. Stewart’s too polite to spell it out right on O’LIElly’s show, but I will: the right-wing narrative against Obama is that, deep down, he’s really an angry black man — “anti-colonial” another code phrase for “hates white people” — and that he’s just covering it up with his slickness, his teleprompter, whatever. Yeah, I know, it’s a completely bonkers narrative, almost completely the opposite of who Barack Obama is and what he’s all about, but that’s exactly what O’LIELly et al are getting at when they “connect the dots” between Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Common, etc. And, of course, their (heavily) angry white male audience laps it right up. Lovely, huh?

    P.P.S. Watch the rest of Stewart’s demolition of O’LIElly on the “flip.”


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