McAuliffe Calls for a 21st Century Economy


    Trade can be a good thing. Governor McDonnell has a plan where China trades goods China produces in China for goods China produces in Virginia. Apparently Virginia’s role is to feed the industrialists with Virginia’s agricultural abundance. Terry McAuliffe would rather present his children the opportunities of a diversified economy.

    Aside from commodities, McDonnell said he’s also looking for “a dramatic increase in direct foreign investment in Virginia.” – Richmond Times Dispatch

    McAuliffe spoke last week at the York Poquoson Democratic Banquet, telling the spirited gathering that Virginia needs to compete with other states for investment. The state has not been in the running for opportunities that have presented themselves. That should also encourage proprietorship over the means of production so that the return can be reinvested in Virginia and not overseas; unlike the outcome of McDonnell’s scheme.

    I went to China and bought one of their big electric car companies and moved a manufacturing company from China to the United States of America. -Terry McAuliffe

    Instead, Governor McDonnell has wasted time on a dog and pony show that could have been spent planning for an investment in the future: education and transportation would be a good start. Apparently for his own children the future is vested in the economy of a 17th century agricultural colony and includes drawing a pension from a foreign entity that has wrung all the profits out of doing both sides of business in Virginia.


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