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Renewable Energy Lets Marines Go Lean, Mean & Green


Local Afghan community gets clean water I’d already heard the military’s push for renewable energy was saving lives by reducing the need for fuel convoys vulnerable to attack & roadside bombs. But the U.S. Marine Corps has discovered another benefit:

A company of U.S. Marines recently conducted a remarkable three-week patrol through southern Afghanistan, replacing hundreds of pounds of spare batteries in their packs with roll-up solar panels the size of placemats to power their battle gear.

By allowing the troops to recharge their radios, GPS devices and other equipment, the green technology freed the Marines of India Company from constant resupply by road and air. And by carrying fewer batteries, they carried more bullets.

In addition to making the Marines safer, the solar panels cut the need for having to buy oil from countries that don’t like us and cut down on global warming pollution. What’s not to like?


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