Senator Warner Meets Chinese Drywall Victims


    A group of families frustrated with efforts to resolve the plight of homeowners who have been made homeless by Chinese drywall contamination came to make their case outside a DPVA gathering in Virginia Beach yesterday. Senator Warner held up the event 45 minutes, stopping to hear them out first.

    The group was approached by Brian Moran, DPVA Chairman, prior to the Senator’s arrival as they quietly assembled across the street from Croc’s 19th Street Bistro. Both Moran and Senator Warner got an earful from homeowners whose lives have been sent spiraling into chaos as they have spent years seeking relief from the effects of the contaminated construction materials.

    They appealed to the Senator for some form of relief from the damage to their lives, allowed to fester by unresponsive state and federal governments. Many of them have had to abandon their homes because of the damage to their families’ health. So far there has been no recourse. The properties, some with mortgages in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, are worthless. Contractors have avoided responsibility by reorganizing their businesses then continuing to operate. Insurance companies have side-stepped claims. Some of the families have held on, paying two mortgages, hoping to salvage their credit and financial futures. Some have given up on being made whole, but simply ask for forbearance on their credit ratings if they allow the properties to be taken back by financial institutions that hold the mortgages.  

    Moran and Senator Warner were joined by former Representative Glenn Nye (who knew and worked with many in the group when he was in office) to hear details of the latest court decision. Warner was more than irritated with the turns this situation has taken and frustrated that no progress is being made. He promised action.

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