Told You So: Bill Clinton And Peter Peterson’s “Fiscal Summit”


    You thought I was so mean to ole Bill.  Several of you were incensed.  A couple ridiculed.  One of you even troll rated me.  What you did not know is where Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan appeared together this pat weekend. They were at Peter Peterson’s 2011 “Fiscal Summit.” Yes, that Peter Peterson.  In this video, Clinton says we have to cut Medicare and Social security.  You have to persist a few minutes before the footage comes up.  Here is the link. He further supports the Gang of Five (once Six) Peter Peterson-Sell-Outs.

    On May 25th, the day after Cong. Paul Ryan’s budget was soundly trounced in NY-26, when all around the country progressives were celebrating, Ryan was warmly received at a Washington conference on the deficit, sponsored by Wall Street mogul, Peter Peterson. At that event, former President Bill Clinton declared from the stage that, while he opposed Ryan’s plan for dismantling Medicare, he hoped that the NY-26 election didn’t mean that Medicare would be untouchable this year – a message he then delivered offstage directly to Rep. Ryan, the leader of the GOP plot to kill Medicare. And at that same Peterson event, Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling publicly declared the Administration’s strong interest in cutting Social Security benefits – either by raising the retirement age or by messing with Social Security’s cost-of-living formula.

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