31st State Senate District Democratic Candidates Speak at Business Forum


    See here for my report on the 49th House of Delegates district and here for the 30th State Senate district forums held yesterday morning in Falls Church by the Northern Virginia Democratic Business Council. Last but not least, here’s the 31st State Senate district forum, with Democratic candidates Barbara Favola and Jaime Areizaga-Soto.

    In his remarks, Areizaga-Soto talked about his background (Attorney, business, Obama administration, JAG, policy advisor to Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple). According to Areizaga-Soto, we need representation to “stand up to the extremism and demagoguery we see every day in Richmond.” We also need transportation solutions, including a “dedicated source to fund them.” “I believe everyone should have the opportunity for a world-class education…the opportunity to succeed and thrive.” He promised to fight the “narrow-mindedness that threatens progress.” “I want to go to Richmond and fight for our Democratic values.”

    Barbara Favola said she’s running for two reasons: 1) her long career in local government (14 years on the Arlington County Board) and her local perspective; 2) she wants Richmond to be more progressive, more compassionate. She talked about the many successes we’ve had in Arlington, including connecting land use and transportation decisions (“that mindset I think will serve us very well in Richmond”). She believes we need to invest more in K-12 and higher education. She called for a dedicated funding stream for education. She noted her work on behalf of the environment and her endorsements by “Sen. Saslaw, Sen. Whipple, Sen. Howell, Sharon Bulova, David Poisson and others.”

    P.S. I haven’t endorsed in this race, but am watching it closely and hope to do so in coming weeks. By the way, the primary elections in all these races will be on August 23.

    • Tom Greeson

      A very clear take-away from the long list of endorsements rattled off by Barbara Favola is that many high profile members of the Democratic Party of Virginia are backing a candidate they believe is a contender in the upcoming election. I don’t disagree with that.  I’m choosing to support Jaime Areizaga-Soto because I believe he represents a progressive viewpoint he has the experience, skill, drive and passion to implement. Jaime currently has a key role in the legislative process in Richmond and it’s a natural progression to take what he is doing now and step up into the role of a legislator himself.  I believe he’s in this for the long term and he brings a diversity to our legislative body that is necessary to make certain our democratic government is inclusive of all its citizens.  Its time we took a chance on a candidate that many may not feel voters are ready for.  Many said the same about Barack Obama – and they were wrong.  The country was ready.  I think Virginia is ready for Jaime Areizaga-Soto in the Senate.