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Breaking: Harris Miller Forced Out as Scam Colleges President; Brian Moran Takes Over!


I saw this story from Ben Tribbett, and couldn’t believe my eyes. But no, apparently this is not a joke:

Harris N. Miller, the president and chief executive of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities since 2007, resigned today, the group’s Board of Directors announced this afternoon. In a news release issued by the for-profit college group, formerly the Career College Association, Mr. Miller was quoted as saying that he planned to pursue “other career interests.” In the same release, Arthur Keiser, the board’s chairman, said that Mr. Miller’s leadership had been “nothing short of commendable.” Brian Moran, the group’s executive vice president for government affairs and its general counsel, was named interim president. The Chronicle will have more on this story later.

The question now is very simple: how on earth can Brian Moran possibly be both president of this scumbag organization and chair of the Virginia Democratic party?  I see now way this is possible, ethically or practically or any other way. Congratulations (well, not really) to Brian Moran on his new job, but now it’s time for a new DPVA chair.

P.S. Was it this video, which this blog publicized, that did in Harris Miller? Clearly, the language in this press release (pursue “other career interests”) indicates that Miller was let go. Something obviously went wrong recently. And I’m not sure I see how it could have been anything substantive, because by all indications, it appears that Miller’s been highly successful in watering down/weakening new regulations on the slimeball industry he represented.

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