Koch Brothers Beckon, Bob McDonnell Comes Running


    From Democratic Party of Virginia Communications Director Brian Coy, this is where Bob McDonnell will be heading after he first jets off to Paris and The Homestead resort. Tough life being governor of Virginia, huh?

    Koch Party: McDonnell heads to Vail to check in with right-wing master funders

    Richmond, VA – The Democratic Party today wished Governor Bob McDonnell bon voyage as he travels to Vail, CO to spend the weekend gazing at mountainscapes and planning right-wing corporate dominance with the billionaire owners of Koch Industries, Charles and David Koch.

    “Governor McDonnell’s trip to Vail for his 8th junket with the Koch Brothers raises some questions about his priorities,” said DPVA Communications Director Brian Coy. “Spending a weekend with the secretive billionaire sponsors of the right-wing political machine is probably not the best way to show struggling Virginia families that you’re fully focused on making their lives better.

    “It’s not surprising that billionaire CEO’s like Charles and David Koch would court Republican politicians and convince them to pursue a policy agenda that puts corporations ahead of working families, nor is it astounding that they’ve found such an ally in Bob McDonnell.

    “The only surprising thing about the Governor’s trip this weekend is just how enthusiastically he comes running when one of the nation’s largest influence peddlers and corporate polluters beckons.”

    For more background on the heinous Koch brothers, and why it’s so disgraceful that Bob McDonnell is heading out to Vail at his right-wing masters’ bidding. For more information, including the exact location of this gathering (apparently the “uber-swanky Ritz-Carlton Resort at Bachelor Gulch”), click here.

    *According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, McDonnell will arrive in Vail, CO on Saturday for the Koch Industries conference, which is at least his 8th. Link: http://www2.timesdispatch.com/…

    *One of the largest privately held companies in the world, Koch Industries is a major conglomerate of energy, chemical and consumer products companies owned by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.

    *Koch Industries is known as one of the largest and most-secretive funders of the Republican/libertarian/Tea Party movement, contributing millions to candidates, lobbyists and Astroturf groups dedicated to advancing their agenda. Link: http://www.newyorker.com/repor…

    *Koch Industries is also one of the most-fined corporate polluters in America history. Most recently in 2009, the US Justice Department and EPA announced in 2009 that Koch Industries’ Invista subsidiary would pay a $1.7 million penalty and spend $500 million to fix environmental violations at facilities in seven states, in an agreement with the US EPA and Department of Justice. Link: http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/…