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Margaret Thatcher to Sarah Palin: You Are Most Certainly NOT Invited!


Hahahahaha, gotta love this one: former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the conservative icon who was “the late president {Reagan]’s closest ally on the world stage,” is completely shunning Sarah Palin, who was hoping to meet Thatcher in July when she visits England. According to Palin, “I am just hoping Mrs Thatcher is well enough to see me as I so admire her.”

Well, not so fast, apparently.

It appears that the former prime minister has no intention of meeting the darling of the Tea Party movement…

It would appear that the reasons go deeper than Thatcher’s frail health. Her allies believe that Palin is a frivolous figure who is unworthy of an audience with the Iron Lady. This is what one ally tells me:

“Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.

Thatcher will show the level she punches at when she attends the unveiling of a statue of Ronald Reagan outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square on Independence day on 4 July. This is what her ally told me:

Margaret is focusing on Ronald Reagan and will attend the unveiling of the statue. That is her level.

For once, I agree with the “Iron Lady.” I mean, whatever you think of Thatcher, she was a figure of tremendous accomplishment, formidable intellect, historical importance, and world significance. In contrast, Sarah Palin is…well, none of those things. Oh well, as a consolation prize, maybe Palin could meet this guy – he’s certainly “nuts” enough! Also, Lord Monckton seems more at Palin’s level in every other way.

P.S. I wonder what Margaret Thatcher thinks of Ken Kookinelli! He’s certainly got the “nuts” part down, although he’s infinitely smarter than the pea-brained Palin.


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