Andrew Cuomo for President in 2016


    Andrew Cuomo just made himself a top-tier candidate for President of the United States of America in 2016. (h/t lowell for the link here)

    Cuomo is left of center on many social issues (as you can see from above article), but has a reputation for being tough on crime during his tenure as the Attorney General of New York

    Cuomo is a Clintonite on budgetary/fiscal issues, so the Hokie Guru sees some of the Democratic Leadership Council style in him… Cuomo understands that budget deficits harm the economy, but at the same time, would be balanced in in his approach (e.g. to fix the problem. he'd ensure that any solution would have a mix of tax increases and spending cuts).

    I would be interested to see his positions on foreign policy and defense… I think his story is still in the making, but watch for Andrew Cuomo to make news in 2016…oh yeah, the dude will be able to tap some major fundrasing networks, too…


    11:28 AM update – Looks like The Fix and I are on the same page lol.

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