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Right-Wing Hypocrisy Alert: John Stirrup Version


Prince William County Supervisor (Gainesville District) John Stirrup is running for the Republican nomination for State Senate in the 13th district. On  his website, he lists his “impressive track record of accomplishments in his professional career,” including this item: “worked to pass Trade Promotion Authority to enable the President [Reagan] to negotiate trade agreements; provided normal trade relations with China.”

Why does this qualify for a “right-wing hypocrisy alert?” Very simple. Here are the problems with China, particularly (but certainly not only) from a conservative perspective: 1) China performs abortions like wild, as many as 13 million in 2008 alone; 2) China persecutes Christians; 3) China is…ruled by a bunch of Commies, as in REAL Communists, not the people (Democrats, liberals, progressives) who Teapublicans claim, in their crazy/overheated rhetoric, to be “Communists.” How does John Stirrup reconcile being proud of pushing for “normal trade relations” with an abortion-crazy, Christian-persecuting, Communist regime? Ah, human psychology.

By the way, it’s also interesting that this anti-immigrant tough guy (aka, “bully”) brags about having “served as a political appointee in the Reagan Administration for seven years.” Recall that Reagan “did the A word” (“In 1986, Reagan signed an immigration reform bill, the first in 20 years, that legalized the status for 1.7-million people.”)? We could also get into the fact that Reagan raised taxes multiple times, “nearly tripled the federal budget deficit,” “grew the size of government tremendously,” and – as governor of California – “signed a bill to liberalize the state’s abortion laws that ‘resulted in more than a million abortions.’” So, it’s lovely that John Stirrup’s proud of his service in the Reagan Administration, I just wonder which parts of Reagan’s legacy he disowns? Most of it or all of it?


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