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MPAA trolls advocacy group opposed to PROTECT IP, fails


We’ve been critical of Motion Picture Association of America for their support of the deeply flawed PROTECT IP ACT (PIPA), citing numerous possible malicious and inadvertent exploitations that the bill could be used for.  We have been using this evidence to gain support for our petition to Congress against PIPA, and MPAA’s response has been to restart to ad hominem attacks on our organization rather than the substance of our opposition.

Stop by our website to check out and sign the petition that got them so angry!

After learning of the petition and realizing they had no rational rebuttal to our concerns with the bill, the MPAA resorted to the most pathetic tactic of aggrieved parties on the internet: they trolled us.  On their blog they created an entry that questioned the integrity of our petition by intentionally signing up with bogus names, intending to illustrate that the opposition to PIPA is illusory.

Aside from their ignorance of the fact that there are governmental mechanisms to check the veracity of signatories, MPAA’s actions demonstrate that they will go to any lengths to denigrate the opposition and manufacture support for their bill.

Help us drill it into them that the opposition to PIPA is more substantial than they suppose, check out our site to DIRECTLY EMAIL your Congressperson about your opposition to PIPA and internet censorship.