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Rachel Maddow on Eric Cantor’s Total Hypocrisy, and Why “It’s OK If You’re a Republican!”


Rep. Eric Cantor on Gov. Mark Sanford’s sexual affair and Sanford’s lying about the affair: “As far as his remaining governor, Brian, it’s up to the people of South Carolina and that will play out. But listen, Gov. Sanford apologized yesterday, we ought to be, you know, really dedicating our thoughts and prayers to his family right now, going through a difficult time.”

Rep. Eric Cantor on Sen. John Ensign’s sexual affair and Ensign’s lying/coverup/illegal lobbying scheme as part of the coverup/etc. about the affair: “Look, I mean, you know, is anyone happy to see all that have happened? Mo, I mean, it’s not good. But listen, we have our thoughts with their families and they themselves…well listen, I mean again, I say in the instance of the people in South Carolina and Nevada, I mean it’s up to them, I mean those are the elected individuals by those states.”

Rep. Eric Cantor on Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sending compromising photos to young women on Twitter and lying about it, but not having a sexual affair or doing anything corrupt: “I think it is up to Congressman Weiner and his constituents to make that decision, I don’t condone his activity, I think he should resign.”

Huh? How can Eric Cantor be such a @#$@ing hypocritical, slimy @#$@#$@?  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, “It’s OK If You’re A Republican” (IOKIYAR). As Rachel Maddow points out, that’s the operative rule inside the Beltway, and the Republicans — and their corporate media lackeys, of course — are sticking with it!