Never Mind the Dangerous Insipidity of Dan Choi


    Dan Choi’s at it again, twittering and wittering his vitriolic hatred of the President. Dan’s the posteboy of the gay rights’ movement, but he’s rapidly turning into a Cindy Sheehan figure.  Unlike Sheehan, he’s still being given a visible platform by the media, and he’s being guided and manipulated by the likes of Jane Hamsher, who is still foisted on the unsuspecting public as a voice for Progressives. (Remember that other high-profile Progressive voice, Arianna Huffington? How well did that work out?)

    To say Choi’s unadulterated hatred of the President is palpable is an understatement. Never mind that the President has enacted more legislation in favour of gay people than any previous President. Never mind he enacted the Matthew Shepherd Act, that he’s given partners of gay people beneficiary rights. Never mind that he’s repealed DADT or that he invited Choi the signing of that repeal and commended him publically on his activism. Never mind that Choi was filmed swinging from a lampost and waving an American flag outside the White House the night Osama bin Laden was killed, or that he was filmed in the company of Rachel Maddow and Paul Reickhoff.  Never mind that the President has instructed the DOJ not to defend DOMA in court, and never mind that the President has said he’s in favour of civil unions, which – as I’ve said – is a euphemism for marriage.

    Never mind all of that, because in the one-track mind of Dan Choi, the President is a malignant homophobe, who is no friend of gay people. So convinced of that is Choi and so convincing is he that 30% of all LGBT ciitizens who voted in the midterm elections voted Republican as a protest. Choi even showed up at CPAC earlier in the year, praising the Log Cabin Republicans for their efforts in proving the unconstitutionality of DOMA. (Although rumours are abounding that Choi, himself, is a Republican, and that wouldn’t surprise me in the least).

    All because the President won’t say the “m” word.

    Never mind that the President is thinking like the constitutional lawyer that he is. He knows DOMA is an Act of Congress, signed into law by the last Democrat to occupy the Oval Office, Bill Clinton. Therefore, only another Act of Congress can repeal it; however the President is well aware that with a Republican majority in the House, a majority which includes several Tea Party Congressman, a repeal is never going to be on the horizon. So he’s using the other recourse: the judicial branch. As more and more federal judges pronounce the act unconstitutional and as more and more states enact it into law (and, yes, marriage has always been a contractual agreement managed on state level), the twains will eventually meet.

    It takes time, but any sort of lasting change is always incremental, but grows and builds steam and strength. Just ask anyone who’s still alive from the Civil Rights movement.

    But never mind all that, because now Lieutenant Dan has a new hero whom he’s promoting, and in this regard he beautifully illustrates the singular inability of the spoiled brat Progressive faction to think critically.

    Lieutenant Dan burst onto Twitter Friday evening extolling the greatness of Governor Andrew Cuomo in signing the gay marriage bill into law in New York, and at the same time praising the charm and warmth of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was a proponent of this. So great, so good, so wonderfully pure was the team of Cuomo and Gillibrand, that Choi, who’s now become a political strategist as well, was imploring Cuomo and Gillibrand to primary Obama and Biden for the 2012 Democratic nomination.

    One signature on a bill, one senatorial endorsement, is enough to change the stripes of politicians forever.

    Never mind that Andrew Cuomo is the most anti-union Democratic governor in the nation at the moment. In addition to signing the gay marriage act into state law, he’s also enacted some of the most reactionary anti-union legislation in the country, enough to equate himself with the likes of Scott Walker and Cuomo’s gubernatorial neighbour, Chris Christie.

    Never mind that the Blue Dog Gillibrand is a Second Amendment Democrat from the most conservative section of her state.

    Never mind all of that, because the strangest phenomena magically transform centrist or centre-Right Democrats into fully paid-up Damscene Progressives. With Hillary Clinton, whose foreign policy theories mirrored John McCain’s and who convinced the President to sign onto the UN humanitarian effort in Libya, buyer’s remorse turned her into a latent Progressive. For the unfortunate Gabrielle Giffords, another Blue Dog Second Amendment politician who sometimes voted with the opposition, the moment the bullet hit the bone of her skull, the idealogical Progressive Left turned her into a martyr for their cause.

    Hindsight is not only twenty-twenty vision, it’s also a means by which history and the past can be rewritten and revised to suit the needs of the present – something of which the Left, quite often and quite rightly, accuses the Fundamentalist Right (also manipulated by idealogues equally as short-sighted).

    In the 21st Century, intellect has debased itself to such a point that every action needs simplification to the nth degree, with people being willfully and patently unable to see more than one way of achieving an end. Thus, when a Rand Paul casts his vote with the Democrats of the Senate against Paul Ryan’s draconian budget, which would end Medicare as we know it, the Left cheer him as a convert, never realising that the only reason Paul wouldn’t surport Ryan’s initiative was that, rather than cutting too many entitlements, it didn’t cut enough for the Senator’s liking.

    Yet these are the same people who would willingly support a Ron Paul candidacy, solely because of his belief in legalisation of all drugs and of prostitution, never thinking of the fact that both father and son oppose the Civil Rights Act, proclaiming Title VII unconstitutional and hiding their hankering for a return to segregation behind that old chestnut called “property rights.”

    Dan Choi was a military officer, who took a courageous stand in outing his own sexuality to prove a point and enhance a movement, but I question his efficacy as an officer in his inability to think critically, a trait which is essential in military leadership.

    So let him and his followers support the Republicans in this round and or let them elect to stay at home during the next election cycle, and see how they fare if the homophobic Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann attain the White House. Perry might pray for their conversion, but Michele’s First Dude’s modus operandi is the establishment of Cure Camps for people whom he labels as “barbarians.”

    If the future of our country lies in the hands of a populace who depends on media people and personalities who willfully refuse to see anything but their side of an argument or are unwilling to look behind the public facade for a deeper meaning to an action, then we really are going to hell, fast, in a handcart.

    Still … never mind.


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