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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Again, there’s no VPAP news service on the weekends (making me appreciate Tom Whipple more than ever). Here’s my far-less-comprehensive look at articles that grabbed my eye this morning as I looked around for Virginia news.

*Schapiro:  Cantor splash a grab for speaker?

*Protesters in Va. Beach push for wind energy

*GOP gains early edge in Nov. 8 elections (“Republicans stand to retain control of the House, and possibly gain a Senate majority.”)

*Virginia gives wine industry a tax break

*Conservative gathering in Vail prompts liberal protest

*Thought lost, tape of Va. Tech shooter’s hearing found

*Republican candidates give preview of 2012 campaign for U.S. Senate

*Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell regroups after policy staff turnover

*Immigrants gather at a Starbucks in Northern Virginia for a taste of home

*Board member punished for trying to do the right thing in Fairfax school dispute

*Recent crimes near ODU raises urgency for officials, police

*Va., N.C. step up efforts to curb drinking on boats

*Notes from the Capitol: Virginia.gov website undergoes revamping

*Students seeking job skills can pay thousands more at for-profit schools


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