Shopping for Vets


    I just had to post, hope it is noteworthy.  My son, a USMC,service related Disabled Vet, like many others cannot find work.  He is attempting to start his own business of restoring muscle cars.  

    He went to Home Depot and presented his VA card which they took and gave him a 10% discount.  At another visit the girls clerking said “you dont get no discount just cuz yur a vet”, my son asked to speak to the manager and the clerk went to another clerk, they giggled together and said U right he dont get no discount and they giggled but would not call a manager.  He went to the customer service counter and a manager approached about 10 minutes later.  He was completely hateful, abrupt, rude and condescending.  He said “Boy” I don’t care what you were in my store you get nothing, and if you don’t want this stuff then don’t buy it.  My son tried to explain and show letter of proof that he is a disabled vet but the manger said, again, Boy I don’t care what you think you got,buy it or get out.

    This level of rudeness needs to be noted for other vets.  Contact with the home office they stated that they “do not have to give a discount unless the vets card clearly states that he is a service connected disabled vet and if that information is not on THE CARD, it does not count.  I thought vets could remember this when they shop.  

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