Tiny Tempests Fill the Tea Party Pot


    This sign alongside I-295 outside Richmond must mean something to someone, but the message is too vague for most. The fellow that was cutting the field where it stands stopped to remark,”…like it?…it’s about one vote out of hundreds that Cantor has cast. These tea party people…” shaking his head.

    It is hard to tell if they ran out of sign, out of English, or out of message, but this is representative of the half-baked, oversimplified, emotional positions that too many tea partiers relish. Not to defend Eric Cantor, but this kind of obtuse criticism is the sort of unconstructive behavior that accomplishes nothing. It is something of a political primal scream by citizens whose alternative universe relies on a carefully collected set of post hoc ergo proctor hoc observations they use to explain circumstances beyond their control and which they do not want to accept because that would collapse an invalid assumption or two used to balance their realities. They are voodoo voters and right now they represent the margin the Republicans believe can deliver the White House in 2012. Drawing focus away from the already won evangelical right which shares the belief that conjuring up fear trumps the sleeves-up hard work required to solve problems with real solutions, the sippers make the evangelical right look…reasonable, respectable, mainstream Republican.

    They are the ilk who will argue that Sarah Palin’s keen intellect causes the media to misunderestimate and misinterpret her at every turn. Blind faith trumps cold facts. But the reassuring thing is that that fellow operating that tractor wasn’t fooled. And fortunately there are a heck of a lot more of him than them.