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Virginia Top News Headlines: Monday Morning


Sadly, there are no more “Whipple Clips” anymore, as Tom Whipple has retired from producing the service. So far this morning I haven’t seen anything from VPAP, which is taking over preparation of the “clips.” I guess we’re going to have to play this one by ear, so for today, here are my top Virginia news headlines.

1. Dulles Metro controversy puts Silver Line extension at risk (Washington Post editorial rips Cuccinelli for trying to kill the Silver Line)

2. Cuccinelli’s move to represent W&M

3. Consensus lacking on districts, judgeships

4. Gov. Bob McDonnell visits for manufacturing forum

5. Virginia sues the feds again (“Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli can only handle so many vainglorious lawsuits at a time; he is not superhuman…”)

6. Union accuses Metro of removing seats to skirt federal driver fatigue rule

7. Despite recession, arts in Bristol still going strong

8. Lovely weather for A.M. commute

9. Slain student was congressman’s nephew

10. Swimmers sickened at Manassas Park water park

11. Storms leave thousands without power in Washington, Maryland, northern Virginia

12. Lesbian blog in Syria written by man, posting says (“Amina wrote of her childhood as a young half-Syrian, half-American girl growing up in Virginia, at the bend of a river in the Shenandoah Valley.”)


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