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What a Real State Attorney General Does


So, which would you prefer as your Attorney General: 1) a science-denying, homophobic, lawsuit-crazy, far-right-wing extremist, ideological hack like Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli; or 2) someone who focuses on real issues like the following?

Jack Conway, the attorney general of Kentucky, is leading a national inquiry into the practices of for-profit colleges.


As chairman of a committee of state attorneys general reviewing the industry, I can say that our bipartisan group is interested in violations of state consumer protection statutes. The federal government must answer for why funds to the industry continue to expand, with increased defaults and little accountability.

Recent evidence has uncovered aggressive recruiting tactics designed to pressure students into enrolling, with one investigation indicating that for-profit recruiters are taught a series of questions called the “pain funnel” to entice students into signing. These are the kinds of abuses that attorneys general are uniquely positioned to investigate and stop.

Read that last sentence again, then ask yourself: why is Ken Cuccinelli wasting his time, and taxpayer money, on his politically-driven witchhunts, instead of cracking down on real problems like the egregious for-profit “education” industry (or, perhaps, the despicable Massey Energy, which is headquartered in Richmond)?  Again, wouldn’t you rather have a real Attorney General instead of the embarrassment we’ve got here in Virginia? I know I would.


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