PolitiHack On Bob’s Job


    There’ve been reasons to question PolitiFact.com’s veracity before. This analysis contains the very evidence the claim is false, but that doesn’t stop the obfuscation. To help the “reporter:” If you pay your car payment by drawing on credit or using your uncle’s money, your budget isn’t balanced. Ask a banker.

    “Even with a surplus, Virginia will be working for years to make up for contributions it withheld from the state pension fund to balance the budget during the recession. The state has also relied on federal stimulus dollars that will not be available in the future. So it’s reasonable to question whether the state is really in the black.” – from the dirty details McDebtor hopes you don’t read

    It couldn’t be simpler. If you pay for education and infrastructure maintenance by making the state retirement system an officially unfunded obligation, you borrow against your children’s futures using bonds to finance transportation, and you keep bad mouthing the uncle who keeps you solvent, there’s a day of reckoning on the way. But if you can find an unsophisticated tool in the media, an audience with no business savvy, and hold your hat out to the federal government you claim to disdain, maybe you can get through your term without an accounting.

    For that reason, we rate Politi”Fact”‘s analysis Mostly Hack.


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