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What I Want to Know About George Allen


What I want to know about George Allen is very simple: why does he keep bringing up this painful subject – calling a young, Asian-American man a “macaca” – from 5 years ago? Are Allen and his advisors truly concerned that “macaca,” and the broader issue of Allen’s attitudes towards people of color, could be a major issue this time around? I mean, it’s not like Tim Kaine’s campaign has been raising this as an issue, and it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other things to pound Allen about, aside from his racially…uh…questionable past. But the bottom line is that I can’t imagine why Allen would continue to apologize for something that happened so long ago, unless he believes it benefits him politically. Unless he simply feels guilty about it, even 5 years later and after numerous, previous Allen “apologies” (in quotes because who knows how sincere any of them were)? Other than that, why keep reminding people of an incident that it seems like would be the last thing Allen and his campaign would want people to be buzzing about? Any ideas? I’ll tell you, the way this guy’s mind works really mystifies me sometimes.


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