What, You Weren’t Invited to France? (Well, There is an Alternative…)


    So you weren’t among the 100+ Virginia state legislators invited by Virginia Uranium on an all-expense-paid trip to France? To, you know, be educated about uranium mining, while perhaps sipping a 1990 vintage red Bordeaux accompanied by a fine plate of charcuterie?

    Well, I’m sorry to hear that.  I’m quite sure your invite got lost in the mail, just like mine.  

    So, here’s the good news – there is an alternative.  Granted, it ain’t France, but it’s an even better opportunity to find out the truth about the pending proposal to mine uranium in Virginia, and all the risks to our health and environment that such mining could pose.  

    I’m talking about the series of free workshops now being conducted by the Virginia Conservation Network, Virginia League of Conservation Voters-Education Fund, the Sierra Club and Keep the Ban.  The one in Richmond has passed, but there are five more coming up soon:

    – June 21 – Charlottesville (Community Design Center – City Space)

    – June 23 – Virginia Beach (Croc’s Eco-Bistro)

    – June 30 – Arlington (Central Library Auditorium)

    – July 19 – Roanoke (Higher Education Center Room #408)

    – July 21 – Harrisonburg (Clementine’s Café Lounge)

    Granted, the Arlington Central Library and Roanoke Higher Education Center can’t quite compare with the Louvre and Notre Dame.  But maybe they’ll provide a few croissants. (Dinner is included!)

    More importantly, you’ll learn what you can do to keep our beautiful state, its streams, farms, wildlife and population centers free of harmful radiation.  And that’ll be worth the trip.


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