A Choice of Which Meat Cleaver to Extract Huge Cuts


    They aren’t debating whether we should have substantial cuts in NSD spending – which includes everything from home heating assistance to education assistance – as a share of our economy. They’re just debating how drastic those cuts should be.

    The will barely touch defense which is so bloated that unnecessary, ineffective and even fraudulent weapons systems alone could have prevented much of the budget shortfall we face.  Close to a trillion dollars has been spent on pretend “Star Wars,” which is the biggest frauds ever perpetrated upon a citizenry.  As Joshua Holland (check ref and link) shows, new submarines have been commissioned to fight a Soviet Union which no longer exists. But all of the “plans” cut discretionary non-security spending so much that, according to XXXX it is more a matter of degree. And not one of the plans is in any way progressive, though Mark Warner pays lip service to maintaining a progressive taxation structure (and promotes nothing specifically to secure it).  BUT all the plans will change the lies of 98% of Americans for the worse.  


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