Bob McDonnell – Reaching a New Lower Level of Incompetence


    Every time I think Bob McDonnel can't hit new level of incompetence, he proves me wrong.

    The Virginia School for the Blind and Deaf has a major shortage in of computers for its teachers and students… we're talking, oh, 50 computers for a total of 400 students and teachers.

    Really, Bob McDonnell?  Do you think this is NCAA Football 2012 where the kids just play games in the classroom all day long?

    The national AP wire also picked up this story.  This a major embarrassment.  The Virginia Governor and its government should be ashamed that it is treating its bind and deaf students in such a shoddy manner.  What happed to the Golden Rule?

    We have to be the laughingstock of the country for this whacky kind of ish… how ridiculous is this?

    The level of incompetence is astounding here and we need to see some state hearings on this issue.  I shake my head in disbelief.


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