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Debt Ceiling Follies: On and On and On We Go…


The latest news in the utterly absurd, degrading (to the United States of America) debt ceiling follies? This just in!

*Senate Blocks Reid’s Debt Ceiling Plan; Talks Continue

But wait, it’s our friendly Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell to the rescue! (snark)

*White House, McConnell ‘very close’ to debt deal (“The first stage would pair an increase of roughly $1 trillion with cuts to government agencies of about the same magnitude over the next decade. In the second stage, a special congressional committee would be created to identify additional savings later this year. The size of those savings would dictate the size of the second debt-limit increase, giving Republicans the dollar-for-dollar matchup they have demanded between spending cuts and the debt-limit increase.”)

Great stuff, huh? I think I’m going to go watch a movie for a while and escape from all this idiocy. Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the debt ceiling fight, and whatever else is on your mind. Thanks.

P.S. I just did a quick calculation, and found that Democratic votes fell off 32.9 million between 2008 and 2010, while Republican votes fell off only 21.2 million votes. That’s what gave us the Teapublican’ts in control of the House, and much of the ridiculous situation we now find ourselves in. Great job to all the Obama ’08 voters who didn’t bother to show up and support him in ’10. Not!


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