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Anti-Progressive Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Endorsing in Democratic Primary?!?


The race for the Democratic nomination for Braddock District Supervisor in Fairfax County has been a bit quiet of late, but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening. For instance, I’m hearing an interesting story — that the VERY Republican Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce has decided to endorse self-described strong McCain-Palin supporter Chris Wade for the Democratic nomination for Braddock District Supervisor!

Huh, you ask? The strongly Republican Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, which endorsed Jerry Kilgore over Tim Kaine for Governor in 2005, and Bob McDonnell in 2009, is suddenly endorsing in a Democratic primary?!? Or, to ask the question another way: the local affiliate of the anti-regulation, anti-environment, anti-climate science, anti-worker, anti-Democratic, anti-Obama U.S. Chamber of Commerce is getting involved in a “blue on blue” contest? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?

Well, actually, you shouldn’t be too surprised.

First of all, Chris Wade has been a diehard Republican his entire adult life. As mentioned earlier, Wade self-identified as a strong McCain-Palin supporter in 2008, one of the most important elections in our lifetimes, and an absolutely clear choice for 99% of Democrats.  

Second, as Republican Supervisor John Cook points out, Wade has “voted in a few Republican primaries, has never voted in a Democratic primary.” In addition, according to Cook, Wade “did not vote in the local elections in 2007, has not been active in his community and from what I can see has not had any leadership role in any community organization or any community effort at all.” Finally, as one of the most committed and active Fairfax Democrats I know told me a few weeks ago, “I don’t know where Chris Wade comes from…I’ve never seen him at any Democratic events until March of this year.”

Well, those seem to be ideal qualifications for the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, which reportedly has decided to endorse Wade in the Democratic primary. What makes this even more of a farce is that, based on what I’m hearing, the Chamber has every intention of endorsing John Cook in the general election, and that Chamber members are mocking Wade privately, asking why he’d even want their endorsement, since they’re obviously NOT going to support him for Supervisor!

Worst of all, I’m hearing that the Chamber of Commerce endorsement for Wade comes in exchange for Wade‘s promise to support funding cuts for Fairfax County public schools, and instead to vote for putting that money into business tax cuts and business interests’ transportation priorities in Tysons Corner and elsewhere around Fairfax. Priorities, priorities, ya know?

Bottom line: there’s only one real Democrat in this race, and her name is Janet Oleszek. Note that Oleszek, in stark contrast to Wade, has been a champion for education her entire adult life, and is making that a centerpiece of her campaign to replace John Cook. I urge every Democrat to support Janet, to vote for her on August 23, and to tell the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce “no deal” with regard to their Faustian bargain on public education!

P.S. Actually, the Chamber of Commerce is being very smart hedging their bets here; either way, whether actual Republican John Cook or de facto Republican Chris Wade wins the general election, the Chamber wins.  Very smart!


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