Is George Allen More Liberal Than Jon Huntsman?


    Here I was, thinking that former Obama Administration official – not to mention former supporter (or is he still?) of taking action on climate change, former supporter (or is he still?) of an “individual mandate,” etc. – Jon Huntsman was by far the most reasonable, moderate, sane, maybe even liberal Republican among the field of extremists currently running.  But now, I’m confused: supposedly liberal Republican Huntsman is embracing the Ryan Plan to dismantle Medicare (and guarantee deficits for decades to come), while supposedly conservative Republican George Allen won’t say where he stands, exactly, on the Ryan Plan.

    Of course, George Allen was also the one who voted 96% of the time with George W. Bush, including wildly irresponsible measures that turned budget surpluses into (massive) deficits. Allen also voted to grow government tremendously, not that we progressives have a problem with that, generally speaking.  Still, it’s puzzling. Perhaps George Allen’s actually the liberal, and Jon Huntsman’s the conservative?  Or perhaps neither is a true conservative, but both are simply pandering to whatever they think voters want to hear?  Anyone have any better theories? Thanks.

    P.S. This was mostly snark/tongue-in-cheek, just in case anyone thought I meant that George Allen might be liberal, progressive, or sane in any way.  To the contrary, the guy’s a cowardly Republican hackazoid, bigot, ignoramus, and career politician, nothing more.


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