John Stirrup Pulls Away for Republican Nomination in 13th Senate District?


    In Virginia’s 13th Senate district, it looks like Prince William County Supervisor John Stirrup is starting to pull away from the rest of the Republican field, having raised $100,152 in the second quarter of 2011, spent $18,426, and finished with $81,726 cash on hand at the end of the period.

    In contrast, it looks like it was a “rough week” for crazy, raging homophobe, former Delegate Dick Black – my personal favorite for the Republican nomination, because he’s a complete wackjob and thus the least electable (although probably not unelectable these days) candidate – who raised just $22,339, spent $22,467, and had cash on hand of $60,525.

    Finally, apparent non-factor Bob Fitzsimmonds raised $2,825 (plus $30,000 he loaned himself), spent $15,048, and had cash on hand of $28,279.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic nominee for this district, Shawn Mitchell, raised $20,854, spent $5,924, and ended the quarter with a cash-on-hand balances of $14,929. Clearly, that fundraising’s going to have to pick up a couple notches in coming months if he hopes to beat John Stirrup, the increasingly likely Republican nominee for this Senate seat. To learn more about Shawn, click here, and to donate to his campaign, click here.  Thanks.

    P.S. Mitchell’s campaign manager, Dominic Gabello, says, “Shawn brings the right mix of experience and background to this race. As a combat veteran and a small business owner, Shawn understands the challenges that families and businesses in the 13th are facing from sitting in traffic to balancing their budgets, or trying to spend more time with their loved ones. Residents of the 13th want someone who understands those challenges and will work to improve their quality of life.”

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