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Dick Black Hangs Up on Omar Samaha; Time for Voters to...

From the Shawn Mitchell for State Senate campaign:
"Dick Black Hung Up On Me"
Black Ignores Calls from Concerned Citizens

Ashburn, VA - Last night, the Shawn Mitchell for State Senate campaign released a call to voters in the 13th District from Omar Samaha, brother of Virginia Tech victim, Reema Samaha. Samaha reached out to Dick Black via phone on October 31st but when he began asking questions, Black hung up on him. This call is in addition to Shawn Mitchell asking career politician Dick Black, in a candidates forum in Prince William county on October 20th, to release his answers to the extreme Virginia Citizens Defense League survey, which Black has refused to do for more than two weeks.

You can listen to the recorded call here. The text of the call is as follows:

"Hi, my name is Omar Samaha. On April 16th 2007, my life changed forever. My sister Reema was shot and killed by a severely mentally ill man as she sat in class at Virginia Tech. Gun violence ripped apart dozens of families that fateful day. After the VA Tech massacre many of us worked with then Governor Kaine and the General Assembly to make sure that people with dangerous mental health conditions, felons, domestic abusers and terrorists could not get firearms. I am proud to say that the Virginia State Police now have the best system in the entire country for identifying those who are not permitted to have guns. That is why I am so concerned that Senate Candidate Dick Black wants to dismantle this life saving system and again allow dangerous individuals to get firearms. When I tried to discuss this issue with Dick Black he hung up on me. Now it's time for voters to hang up on him. Please get out on November 8th and Vote. Thank you. Paid for and authorized by Shawn Mitchell for State Senate...
More on the "flip"...

What Is It With Loudoun Republicans?!? Dick Black on Spousal Rape,...


As this video illustrates, Dick Black is truly appalling, even by the low, low standards of Loudoun County Republicans (last seen sending out a "light-hearted" email depicting Barack Obama with a bullet hole in his head). As for Dick Black, you can learn more about him here. Also, you can read Dick "Plastic Fetus" Black's bizarre rantings about gays in the military here ("there was a young fellow who went to the showers at night, there were two homosexuals lurking -- they were also basic trainees - and they strangled him with a towel and forced him to submit to, you know, things that we won't talk about"). The thought of this individual in the Virginia State Senate is truly frightening. Fortunately, there's an excellent alternative: moderate Democratic businessman Shawn Mitchell, who I strongly urge the voters of the 13th Senate district to elect next Tuesday. If not, then Black will be Back, and it won't be pretty.

Day 6: Mitchell Campaign Releases Web Video “What Is Dick Black...


Career Politician Continues to Hide Extreme Views from Voters  

Ashburn, VA - We're now into the 6th day of the disappearing act of career politician Dick Black who is hiding his extreme views from voters in Loudoun and Prince William counties. In response, the Mitchell campaign released a video, "What is Dick Black Hiding," asking voters in the 13th District to call Dick Black and tell him to release his VCDL survey.  

You can view the video here:

"If Dick Black was proud enough to tout the endorsement of the extreme Virginia Citizens Defense League during his primary," said Mitchell Campaign Manager Dominic Gabello, "Why is he hiding his answers to their survey now? The voters should call Dick Black and ask him to release his survey and if he believes in the extreme positions of the VCDL and having guns in bars, schools, libraries and gutting the Virginia State Police Background check.

"It's time for Dick Black to release his survey."    

Authorized by Shawn Mitchell for State Senate

Moderate Republican Leader John Chichester Endorses Democrat Shawn Mitchell for State...

There are still a few sane, responsible, reasonable, respected Republicans left out there, and long-time (30 years) State Senator John Chichester most certainly is one of them. His strong endorsement of Democratic candidate Shawn Mitchell for State Senate in the 13th district over rabid homophobe and all-around buffoon Dick "Plastic Fetuses" Black should send a message to all independents and moderate Republicans to vote for Mitchell on November 8. Let's just hope they take Sen. Chichester's advice!
Republican Chichester Endorses Mitchell for State Senate
Former Senate Finance Chair Cites Mitchell's Independence in Support

Ashburn, VA - Former Republican State Senator, John Chichester endorsed Shawn Mitchell for the State Senate today in his race against extremist Dick Black.

"It is my pleasure to support Shawn Mitchell for the State Senate," Said Senator John Chichester. "He is a man that can be relied upon to use sound judgment and common sense on issues that are important to his district and to Virginia. He is an independent thinker. Shawn will not be swayed by his party, caucus, or by any ideological interests to cast votes that are not beneficial to ALL the people he represents or to the Commonwealth. As a business man he has learned to listen, and knows that the Senate is a body of 40 that MUST work together if prudent goals are to be reached."

John Chichester was a Republican State Senator from 1978 to 2008 and served as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.

"I truly appreciate the support of Senator Chichester in my campaign to bring mainstream leadership to the Virginia Senate," said Shawn Mitchell. "He is the type of leader we should all strive to be: someone who is always willing to work across the aisle and do what is right for all Virginians.

"We're facing serious issues in the next General Assembly session and its going to take a bi-partisan effort to get the peoples work done. We need to have a Senator who is focused on creating jobs, protecting our public schools and coming up with a long term, sustainable transportation plan that improves our quality of life - not social issues and sideshow distractions."


Rabid Homophobe Dick “Plastic Fetus Dude” Black Smears Superb Democratic Businessman,...

I mean, this IS homosexuality-and-reproduction-obsessed lunatic Dick "Plastic Fetus Dude" Black - who even the Too Conservative crew thinks is nuts - we're talking about and all, but seriously, Black's attack on a superb businessman and Democratic candidate is beyond ridiculous. Or maybe it isn't, in the sense that Black's seriously worried he's going to lose to Shawn Mitchell in 27 days, just got his butt utterly kicked in a debate with Mitchell, and now he's desperately flailing for life. Plus, did I mention he's completely nuts?
Why is Dick Black Smearing Shawn Mitchell?
Career Politician Continues Cover Up on Abysmal Record on Job Creation and Protecting Public Education

Ashburn - Last week, career politician Dick Black began smearing Shawn Mitchell for a lawsuit that was settled out of court with a former employer, relying on half-truths and misdirection.

In a mailer Black says, "...Mitchell settled the lawsuit, then immediately petitioned to have the records sealed and hidden." That not only isn't true, but it's actually not how our legal system in Virginia works. As a lawyer, you would expect Delegate Black to know that once a case has been settled between parties, they inform the judge and the case is dismissed. There is nothing additionally filed with the court. Any agreements between the parties, stay between the parties: the Court doesn't actually get a copy.  Therefore, there is nothing that is "sealed." The pleadings in the case are open and available for inspection to the public.

"Just because someone is sued does not mean they did anything wrong," said Mitchell campaign manager Dominic Gabello. "It should be noted that the former employer in the litigation has been on record describing Shawn as a heroic businessman. What's more, Delegate Black has his own experience with baseless lawsuits, having once filed a frivolous and unsuccessful lawsuit against Governor Warner for making the largest investment in public education in Virginia history.  

"It's just like another career politician to be too busy smearing his opponent to cover up his failed record on creating jobs and protecting our public schools. Black was wrong when he sued Governor Warner and wrong now that he's smearing Shawn - the only candidate in this race who is endorsed by THREE Realtor Associations, the Northern Virginia Technology Council TechPAC, the Fire Fighters, and Teachers. Additionally, Shawn is the only candidate in this race who has created jobs and that's why he is a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year and Service Business of the Year awards by the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce."

No wonder why Black is worried. More on the "flip." Go Shawn Mitchell!

Video: Shawn Mitchell Utterly Demolishes Dick “Plastic Fetus Dude” Black


Watch this video of the Prince William County 100 13th Senatorial District Debate the other day, and decide for yourself whether Democratic nominee/small business owner/combat veteran Shawn Mitchell utterly demolishes unhinged homophobe (don't believe me? see here) Dick "Plastic Fetus Dude" Black or not. A few highlights.

*Black's apparently confused over whether he's running for state or federal office, including his bizarre reference to "Solyndra" (he of course gets the lessons of that situation 180-degrees wrong)
*Understatement of this campaign season: Dick Black declares, "I am a social conservative." Uh, really, ya think?!? LOL
*He's all for "drill baby drill," which of course means "spill baby spill." Oh, and he loves filthy/dirty coal. Shocker.
*He's completely wrong on the Dulles Rail Project Labor Agreement issue. For the facts on that one, see here.
*He outright lies that the United States has an "open borders policy." In reality, something Dick Black has only tenuous connection to, our borders are more secure than ever, and "illegal immigration" is way, way, way down in the past few years.

John Stirrup Pulls Away for Republican Nomination in 13th Senate District?

In Virginia's 13th Senate district, it looks like Prince William County Supervisor John Stirrup is starting to pull away from the rest of the Republican field, having raised $100,152 in the second quarter of 2011, spent $18,426, and finished with $81,726 cash on hand at the end of the period.

In contrast, it looks like it was a "rough week" for crazy, raging homophobe, former Delegate Dick Black - my personal favorite for the Republican nomination, because he's a complete wackjob and thus the least electable (although probably not unelectable these days) candidate - who raised just $22,339, spent $22,467, and had cash on hand of $60,525.

Finally, apparent non-factor Bob Fitzsimmonds raised $2,825 (plus $30,000 he loaned himself), spent $15,048, and had cash on hand of $28,279.

Meanwhile, the Democratic nominee for this district, Shawn Mitchell, raised $20,854, spent $5,924, and ended the quarter with a cash-on-hand balances of $14,929. Clearly, that fundraising's going to have to pick up a couple notches in coming months if he hopes to beat John Stirrup, the increasingly likely Republican nominee for this Senate seat. To learn more about Shawn, click here, and to donate to his campaign, click here.  Thanks.

P.S. Mitchell's campaign manager, Dominic Gabello, says, "Shawn brings the right mix of experience and background to this race. As a combat veteran and a small business owner, Shawn understands the challenges that families and businesses in the 13th are facing from sitting in traffic to balancing their budgets, or trying to spend more time with their loved ones. Residents of the 13th want someone who understands those challenges and will work to improve their quality of life."