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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are some Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

*Cantor: ‘The debt limit vote sucks’ (actually, Eric, it’s YOU who “sucks;” now stop your whining and get the job done, or stand aside for someone who will!)

*Cantor still confident Boehner plan can pass

*Fairfax Chamber of Commerce urges Congress and White House to compromise on debt

*Warner pushing for deal on debt (I completely agree with Warner that lifting the debt ceiling is “deadly serious,” that a default would be “unfathomable,” and that “you really do have a fifth of the house, 60 to 80 members that are so disconnected with economic reality, they really are willing to drive the country over the cliff and not vote for a debt extension on any account.” I just wish he’d stop using the “both sides” false equivalence, because in this case, it is the Republicans/Tea Partiers who are 99% at fault.)

*Local lawmakers at odds on debt ceiling debate

*Debt default impact on Hampton Roads (a debt default would be disastrous for Hampton Roads — and the rest of Virginia. Hello, Bob McDonnell? You need to pick up the phone, call your fellow Teapublican’ts, and tell them to CUT THE @#@$ NOW!!!)

*FAA Shutdown Continues: Employees Still Furloughed, Projects Stopped (According to Sen. Warner, “this is more a Senate-House squabble than it is about partisanship,” but whatever it is, it’s unacceptable)

*Fairfax gives nod to rail cost-cutting

*Fairfax official says fed debt talks jeopardize Dulles Rail

*McDonnell: State will consider donating to Dulles rail if changes are made

*In Mt. Vernon, Gov. McDonnell signs ‘Ashley’s Law’ (Thank you Sen. Puller, who sponsored and fought for this legislation!)

*Blackwater whistleblower trial starts in Va., ex-employees claim overbilling of government

*Fairfax backs down on BB guns, passes ordinance in line with General Assembly

*Advocacy groups endorse Va. Senate Dem congressional map

*Former Blackwater firm moves to Washington area


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