A Cantor Town Hall: Sorry, Tea Party Only


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    Eric Cantor’s town hall tomorrow is advertised stating: “Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia’s 7th District invites his constituents to attend the next Cantor Advisory Council Meeting.”  But unless you frequent the Richmond Tea Party website, you weren’t invited, and probably never knew it even existed – because that’s the only place it was advertised.

    That’s right – the only “constituents” Cantor cares to hear from at his town hall are the members of the Richmond Tea Party.  He’s not interested in the unemployed who have been trying to reach him, or average Virginians who might need disaster relief.  Nope – just the Tea Party.

    Its this type of inadequate interaction with his own constituents that makes him horribly unfit to represent the many of them that need the help of a compassionate congressperson the most.  As Lowell reported, there were more people in the Richmond area without power following Hurricane Irene than in southeastern Virginia near the coast.   But it seems that being left in the dark is a circumstance that Eric Cantor’s constituents are all too familiar with.

    Cantor’s responsibility is not to represent just those who support him – but also those that need his support.  Many questions will be answered by how he takes the ideology with which he bases his rhetoric at the national level and applies it to the Virginians he represents at home.  Cutting government and tax breaks for the wealthy won’t turn the power back on and create jobs at home in his own district.

    Eric Cantor needs to be sent a message – no matter how far in the Tea Party sand he seeks to bury his head.  


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