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CNN Poll: Republicans, Tea Party Wildly Unpopular


CNN just released a new national poll, and the results are a definite sight for sore Democratic eyes!

*At 47%-47%, the Democratic Party’s approval rating isn’t great, but I’ll take it given everything going on in the country right now!

*The Democratic Party’s approval ratings are actually up a tiny bit from mid July, when they were at 45%-49% (minus 4 points).

*The Republican Party, on the other hand, is abysmal, at 33%-59% (minus 26 points). And it’s fallen even further since an already-not-great rating in July (41%-55%; minus 14 points). I guess destroying the economy because of unyielding, rigid, far-right-wing ideology isn’t popular among the American people. Who could have predicted? (snark)

*And the Tea Party’s not so hot either, although interestingly, a tiny bit less unpopular (31%-51%;  minus 20 points) than the Republican Party whose body it’s taken over. Oh, and the Tea Party’s also down since July, when it was at 37%-47% (minus 10 points). Heckuva job, guys (and yes, it’s mostly older white guys)!

*As for individual Teapublican’ts, John Boehner’s fallen from +11 (43%-32%) in July to minus 7 (33%-40%) now, while Mitch McConnell’s gone from minus 5 (27%-32%) to minus 11 (28%-39%).

*Finally, only 23% of registered voters believe that “most members of Congress” should be reelected. That could spell trouble for (soon-to-be-former?) Speaker Boehner, as well as (soon-to-be-former?) Majority Leader Can’tor. Unfortunately, it could also spell trouble for Majority Leader Reid, but given that Americans have a much more negative view of Republican’ts than of Democrats, I’m cautiously optimistic about us holding the U.S. Senate. Stay tuned…this should be a fascinating election!

UPDATE: According to TPM, “since last fall’s election [Republicans have] seen a steady downward trend in the survey, to the current low, which is the highest disapproval rating in the CNN poll in the last twenty years.”


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