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Eric Cantor Will Not Compromise On Tax Breaks For Rich People Like Eric Cantor


You don’t hear this much from the media desperate to blame both parties equally for every problem the GOP causes, but the S&P specifically pointed to GOP refusal to raise taxes when it downgraded America’s credit rating. As The Hill reports, Rep. Eric Cantor isn’t letting sound financial advice get in the way of his extremist ideology:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told Republican lawmakers to expect – and resist – increased pressure to raise taxes following the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by Standard and Poor’s.

“Over the next several months, there will be tremendous pressure on Congress to prove that S&P’s analysis of the inability of the political parties to bridge our differences is wrong,” Cantor wrote Monday in a memo to House Republicans. “In short, there will be pressure to compromise on tax increases. We will be told that there is no other way forward. I respectfully disagree.”

At Washington Monthly, Steve Benen digs into the differences:

The contrast between the statements should be pretty illustrative to anyone paying attention. On Monday afternoon, President Obama said what matters is doing the right thing for the country. The same afternoon, Cantor said what really matters is making sure no one ever has to pay an additional penny in taxes, regardless of the consequences to the country.

By the way, if Republicans don’t want to be accused of being racist, they should probably ask The Hill to start moderating its comments section. The pro-Cantor comments demonstrate how the GOP has kept low-income voters behind tax cuts for the rich since the days of Ronald Reagan’s made-up welfare queens – Democrats want to take hard-working white people’s money and give it to lazy brown people! Sample: “Da Dims, dey luv dar handouts/welfare, regardless of the record. The country be damned. Right Hussein?” And: “See where 338.3 billion dollars to support illegal aliens.” But hey, whatever it takes to keep incredibly wealthy people’s taxes at historically low levels, right Rep. Cantor?


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