DPVA Disconnect ?


    I do not want to sound paranoid here but it seems to me that the DPVA concentrates their efforts on the northern section of the state to the detriment of rural southside VA. I live in Mecklenburg county which is a part of the 5th congressional district which produced Tom Perriello one of the best representatives we have ever had in Washington. As an example of the scant attention paid to things down here, this morning I went to the DPVA website and attempted to get information about Dem activities in Mecklenburg County. Clicking on the designated link brought me to the Montgomery County website. I called party HQ and a staffer said that he would “pass word along”.I  cannot imagine this kind of error happening were it Fairfax or another northern county. Democrats and progressives live in ALL VA counties not just the wealthiest ones or are we taking a page from the GOP playbook and only concentrating efforts in the wealthiest areas likely to contribute the most ? For the good of VA and the nation I sincerely hope not.