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Lost in the Shuffle: The Truth About the Deficit


 In all the lies, distortions and right-wing (including conservadem) ideology about the causes of the deficit, the slash-and-burn righties and put-it-all-on-the-table conservadems keep trying to distract and deceive.  So, we cannot display this graph too often.  It’s especially important important to do so now.  

That’s because the voodoo economics by the very same folks hits the SuperCongress any day now.  And as voodoo economics is front and center,  the treacherous Gang of Six is on an all-out effort to make their plan the Super Congress plan.  Mark Warner and Dick Durbin (no progressive there) is making an all out effort–even on The Daily Show — to preach the Gang’s bull.  

In all the repeated lies about what needs fixing in the next few years and what does not, remember this graph.  Pitch it back to everyone you know who keeps revising history.

And, one more thing, call or write to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid  to tell them NOT to put Mark Warner, or any member of the Gang of Six or the Bowles-Simpson Commission, on the new Super Congress.  It’s the last thing the poor, seniors, children, the unemployed, and working adults need.  We need some real representation this time. We got nothing the last two times.

It’s long past time progressives voice is heard.  The Progressive Budget needs to be on the table. NOW. But progressives have been shut out of the discussion altogether. And if they are again, we can expect only a plan that satisfies winger Saxby Chambliss and certainly not the majority of Americans.  


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